Home maintenance tips for winter – part 2

In our previous post we set out the first five tasks that you could consider to ensure the maintenance of your house is order for the coming winter months.  In today’s article we look at five more handyman tips to keep your house in tip-top shape and also address any power tool maintenance in preparation for the spring of 2016.

Drain your hot water heater:

If your live in an area with hard water extra amounts of sediments could be building up in your tank.  Now is a perfect time to drain and make sure rust is not developing in your tank as well. If your hot water heater is extremely old or is rusting considering a new one that will be more cost effective and energy efficient.

Check windows and doors for drafts:

The majority of conditioned air in your home is lost through the windows and doors.  Go through your home and open windows to ensure the seal and caulking around the window frame is in good condition. Think of adding heavier drapery around windows that are extra drafty, to help block some air infiltration.

Clean and store seasonal outdoor furniture:

Once you have taken your last plunge in the pool this summer, power wash outdoor furniture and cushions.  Once dry, store cushions in dry area to prevent cracking, and fading over the fall and winter months. One spring comes along next year, you will be pleased that you stored them and they’re ready for use!

Have garden power tools serviced:

Once your grass begins to enter the dormant stage, take your lawnmower, trimmer, and other tools to get their blades sharpened and fluids recapped off. In the market for new garden power tools, buy now when the season is almost over… you will find great deals!

Take care of your irrigation/lawn needs:

Depending on where you live, the climate for your lawn and its irrigation system may need to be checked.  Consider having an irrigation service professional fix broken heads before the cold weather sets in. If you want to prevent spring weeds and winter lawn damage, don’t forget to fertilize. Visit your local garden centre to find out information on what type of fertiliser to use and when to spread it.

Over the past couple of posts we have shared with you some ideas to make sure that you take care of house over the winter months! Before you know it we will be getting ready for the springtime. Use these ten tips to help you get a jump start on your fall home maintenance, your home will thank you!


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