From landscaping to fencing, a new patio or a new garden shed to store your outdoor equipment HGH will transform your garden.

Landscaping $

We understand the pride you take in your garden.  Our landscaping approach is to provide exceptional design and installation. We listen to your thoughts and ideas to create a solid design, concentrating on budget, flow, soil conditions and exposure. Our professional installation is assured and our seasonal maintenance programs provide for continued beauty.

Patios $

A patio installation from Home Garden Handyman is a space designed to fit in with the style of you and your home. We work in natural stone and pavers, giving you flexibility in color and style. Many people are moving away from decks, which are closed in with railings that make them feel smaller. Instead, patios are gaining popularity because of their open feel, boundless style possibilities, low maintenance, and practicality.

Fencing $

Whether your garden boundaries are looking tired, or you are looking to keep small animals out or your young children in, a garden fence installation is worth considering.  We have many years of experience in the recommendation of garden fences and will provide you with an excellent installation service to your standards.

Tree Surgery $

When you are planning to reduce your tree, for safety or more light etc., consider the "natural-look". Avoid pruning back to stubs. These not only look awful but will harm the tree. The stubs will either die back and introduce decay into the main trunk or will react by throwing out an explosion of new growth on the end of each and every stub... soon leaving you with a bigger problem than before it was pruned. Contact us to discuss your best option.

Garden Sheds $

Whether you are having a new shed to store your outdooor equipment or as a new office we offer an excellent full assembly and installation service.  Whether its a standard or quirky requirement you can be assured you will receive a highly professional service from Home Garden Handyman.


Guttering $

Gutter cleaning is a job that is often overlooked because the gutters are nearly always hard to reach and so dangerous to work on.Unless your gutters are cleaned out at regular intervals ie yearly they'll continue to collect airborne leaves, dust, dirt and grit.  Home Garden Handyman will provide you with a detailed inspection of your guttering system and a supporting quotation.