Home maintenance tips for winter – part 2

In our previous post we set out the first five tasks that you could consider to ensure the maintenance of your house is order for the coming winter months.  In today's article we look at five more handyman tips to keep your house in tip-top shape and also address any power tool maintenance in preparation for the spring of 2016.

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Home maintenance tips for winter – part 1

Each season your home goes through changes in temperatures, weather conditions, aging, and of course human abuse! In order to keep all your components of your home running smoothly, and to avoid costly repairs later, it’s helpful to conduct seasonal maintenance actions each season.

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Preparing your garden for winter

Putting the garden to bed for the winter is mostly a matter of cleaning up and covering up. As autumn turns to winter and temperatures drop, those plants that aren't killed outright by frost prepare for dormancy. .

Clear out the blackened stems and foliage of annual flowers and vegetables to prevent the possibility of their harbouring disease pathogens and insect eggs over the winter.  The cool weather is a good time to make a cold frame, dig and box in raised beds, and make general repairs. ... More